Saturday, August 11, 2012

Employment Appreciation Day(s)

I spend most of my 30min commute in conversation with the Lord.  I say 'most', because there are times I find the need to explain to other drivers how they could do it better - all while nestled in the confines of my tinted windows.  It goes something like this:  "Lord, thanks for...oh come on, you have to swing all the way out to the left just to make a right turn?  You think you're driving a Mack truck?  It's a Honda.  Ugh.  ...Lord, where was I?  Oh yeah..."


Anyway, what I've been expressing so often lately is how thankful I am for the job I have.

Sure, it's a job...meaning it's an income...with a benefits package...and a coffee machine one cubicle away. And while I do give thanks for those obvious perks (no pun intended), the things I'm most grateful for have little to do with money, vision/dental insurance, or automated coffee.  It's about relationships.

I work with a neat mix of personalities.  Though each of us is different, we all just sort  Our bosses are incredible people.  They care about one another and us - far beyond whether or not we're on time for work (which I actually am, and that was so never me!).  Basically? We are a family.  In good times, we celebrate with and for one another.  In times of trial, we support one another with words of encouragement, hugs, prayer, even a surprise coffee from the local Dunkin'. Because you can always 'say it with coffee', right?  Totally.

I think back to how nervous I was to leave the comforts of where I was, and to take a direction that differed from anything I've done with employment in the past 15yrs or so. I'm passionate about working with kids. My 'office profession', previous to that, was medical coding/billing. But God (my favorite words) knew exactly where I needed to be.

So glad I didn't decide to go off in my own direction, confident that I knew what was best for me. I would have missed out on the blessings I have, right here, where I am :-)

Now if only I can stop referring to customer files as "charts"............

...for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.


Muffie said...

Love your prayer digression -- I do it all the time! [Dear Lord, I'm sorry for all the things I did wrong today -- why did he leave the toothpaste there? -- and please help me to understand -- if he doesn't learn to put his shoes in the closet! -- the way you want me to follow you -- that air conditioning is too cold -- Amen.]

Do you ever wonder just what God is hearing?

Tina said...

I love it, Muff!!! I wonder if what God hears is similar to the teacher on Charlie Brown? Wah wah wah wah...


Kathy said...

Loved the post and the verse that God knows what we need before we ask (or know ourselves!). I too love the relationships of where I work. I wrestle with the thought that I am where God wants me, because I don't feel I am doing much of God's work there, BUT I KNOW God has me where He wants me right now. And for today I won't argue!! As far as the prayer digression...I think He shakes His head and chuckles to Himself when we do those things...but I know He is thrilled that we are in dialogue with Him. If we wait until we are distraction free, I'm not sure we would ever talk to Him. Lol.

Tina said...

Kathy, I love your comment. I understand the feeling of wrestling with whether or not you're in the place you're supposed to be, because you don't feel like you're doing God's work. I felt like I was really "in the groove" at my previous job and totally doing God's work by serving kids with learning differences and emotional needs. But! I see that, while I'm not doing what I perceive as God's work in my duties as a clerical assistant, I am shining His light to others. I can see His hand all over this job and that gives me comfort to know that it is His will for me. That maybe someone will see His grace in me. Which means I can't flip out when the copy machine jams. That's a lot of pressure...

Thanks again for your thoughts! God bless!