Saturday, January 14, 2012

Serenity Is Popular

Once in awhile, I like to take a look at the 'stats' tab of my blog to see the 'traffic sources'.  I have to say, the google searches that drop people onto my page are pretty interesting.

For example: "when did they stop making the Chrysler Newport".  Obviously, someone out there secretly wishes Chrysler would bring it back.  2013 Newport?  Certainly!  Oh, I also had a hit for the keyword "cougar".  First and foremost, I'd like to apologize to the person who searched for that and :-)

But most recently, I noticed a tremendous spike in hits.  The keywords?  "Serenity", "one day at a time", and "full serenity prayer".

Hi, serenity folks.  My name is Tina, and I understand.

Maybe it's a health challenge, an unresolved hurt, an unhealthy habit, a poor self-image, negativity, or fear - it comes in all different flavors, right?  Whatever the "thing" is could probably be summed up as...something we're striving to be free from.

I'll go first:

One of the things I wanted to be free from was the negative thoughts that plagued me when I looked in the mirror.  For the majority of my life, I had such a distaste for my own image that I'd only glance long enough to make sure my hair was decent and that nothing was in my nose.  Or teeth.  Only by the Lord's help was I able to come to the point where I finally understood that, if I was His creation, how could I possibly see anything but beauty when I looked in the mirror?  I don't mean cougar beauty, Mr. Google Search.  I'm referring to the sort of beauty that comes from above.  The kind of beauty that's within.  The kind of beauty I can't look to others to make me feel.  It's so easy to look in the mirror and see sickness, brokenness, and many other negative things...or?  I can see myself as He does.  Mind you, I don't get it right every time.  But I'm much better at it than I was for so many years.  Plus, my parents paid a lot of money for my smile.  I suppose the least I could do is appreciate it :-)  Please tell me I'm not the only ms'er out there who requires a double take when looking at the teeth, because the floating black spots in my left eye can make it look as if I have a bit of pepper stuck in them?  C'mon.  Don't leave me out on this island...

Anyway, I came across a video of a song that has helped me out when I've forgotten all that aforementioned good stuff, because let's face it, that does happen.  I find that I'm reminded of God's love for me when I sing it...and that singing also clears my cats from whatever room I'm in.  Double win, as I can move about freely without tripping over one of them.

Be blessed, friends.  And hang in there, pepper in your teeth or not :-)


Nancy said...

My mirror has never been friendly to me. But I guess it wasn't the mirror after all. It was me. I am now trying to be friends with that old lady in the mirror. Hey she needs help!
Pepper on the teeth?
"Not alone you are" - Yoda.
Staying on the sunnyside of life still battles those negative thoughts. I do believe it is etched in our DNA. So we have to silence those thoughts everyday.
Sorry, I seem to be writing a book here.
Have a great Sunday!!

Tina said...

Write away, Nancy!

I think it can bless others, our sharing. (That was somewhat Yoda-esque, but yours was much better!) In other words...write away! God will use it and people will be blessed! I know I always appreciate your insight and have been uplifted by it :-)

Happy almost Sunday to you and yours!