Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tears In My Coffee...Happy Birthday, Son :-)

My son is turning 12.  I have but one question:

When did THAT happen???  Right?  Didn't I just give birth to my daughter...and she's older than he is!  I'll lose that baby weight soon.  I'm workin' on it.

Ah, my son.  I can't help but get teary eyed on every birthday and every major moment of his life.  His first 6 years of life were nothing short of uphill...both 10 feet of snow.  He has defied every prognosis, beat every odd, and came out of it all with a deeper and more compassionate understanding of life and what it means to be blessed.  He has never seen his successes as his own.  In our late night chats, he recognizes that it's the Lord's strength he's been on through it all.  One of the most moving things he's ever said to me was in relation to a psychologist's determination that he would "never be...(this, that, or the other)".  My son said, "looks like somebody underestimated God".

To make matters more emo for me on this birthday, he's going to camp for a week.  I've been keeping myself busy with cooking up various foods for him (he's gluten/dairy intolerant), packaging them, anticipating my meeting with the Head Cook to explain his diet and self-sufficiency.  He reassured me several times that I don't need to work so hard, I don't need to worry, and he doesn't really need anything more than what he's already packed...a bar of soap, toothbrush/paste, 7 shirts, 4 shorts, and 1 towel.  For a week.  There was no mention of socks or underwear.  He used my own catch phrase against me.  That phrase?  "I got this;-)"

Yeah.  I know.  He's growing up.  The once-4yr-old who bee bopped down the steps to greet me after work morphed into a once-8yr-old who bee bopped down the steps to help carry my things and grew into the now-12yr-old who joyfully bee bops down those same steps to open my car door and say, "hi Mommy!  Got anything to carry?" quickly followed by, "how was your day?" and often a, "how are ya feelin'?"

My husband laughs at me.  He warns me that our kids are amazing and will grow up to be superstars, leaving the house and finding every success this life offers...leaving me to live with just him.  Key the shower scene from Psycho!  EEE EEE EEE!  Kidding.  I love the big guy, even when he reminds me that our son is growing up.  And that he's far from the sick little boy who required my voracious advocation.  He's turning into a young man.  An intelligent, healthy, handsome young man after God's heart.

Yeah, yeah. 

I've got news for my husband.  These kids will always be my babies.  I have the stretchmarks and c-section scar to prove it.  If my son were to hear me say that, he'd say, "nice, Mom.  Real nice."

So this cup of teary coffee is lifted in a toast to my son!  I know you've said that I was your hero...but you've got that one backwards.  You are mine :-)

Happy 12th, big man...

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