Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ain't Got Time For MS

I'm not sure what it is about today, but ms is taking its "awareness" month to a whole new level.  Sneak attack-style.

I was about 1/4 of the way through the grocery store when it hit.  Hard.  To the point where I nearly fell over.  I then made the mistake of looking down to the bottom shelf (stupid ketchup...that should be top shelf, people) and my legs buckled on me.

Dear Lhermitte's Sign:  Love ya like a hangnail.  You, vestibular disturbance, visual disturbance, and lack-of-caffeine disturbance.

I made my way through the store by leaning my entire upper body on top of the cart handle.  Yes, I smashed my cart into stuff.  Yes, some people stared at me as if 9am was too early to be that drunk.  Yes, one woman whispered to another and both stared.  No, I didn't care - nor did I explain that I actually don't drink, thankyouforyourconcern, and you're mocking a woman who would ordinarily kick your tail if she wasn't trying to live life the right way (and if she could see/stand on her own 2 feet).  Anyway, since both my mother and my husband were working, I couldn't call for back up.  My options were:  Leave the cart.  Finish the task.  People, that cart was the only thing keeping me on solid ground.  I went with "finish the task".

I'm really too busy with blessings and excitement to be bogged down in and/or by ms right now.  I was thinking of those things as I dragged and stumbled my way through the store.  I was thinking of those things as I drove home.  I was thinking of those things as I barely made it into my living room from the car.

These things:

Let me explain...

See, over the next month, there are so many awesome things happening in my kids' lives, which means so many awesome things happening in my and my husband's lives.

Those dress shoes are my daughter's.  She's looking forward to attending her high school prom in a gorgeous dress, which I could have tossed into the picture, but it's bagged in plastic.  I knew you'd understand.  Her prom date is a wonderful, kind, thoughtful young man.  We really couldn't love him more than we already do.  God has His way of surrounding our kids with incredible peers.

The other items belong to my son.  The briefcase contains nearly a full year's worth of hard work and research that he's done on a bill he's written for a Youth & Gov't conference he'll soon attend.  Last weekend, it won rave reviews by his peers and YAG leaders.  Those new spikes are for his upcoming soccer season, which he's very excited for.  And the envelope?  Contains a letter that says, "Welcome to..." our local community college.  He is following in his sisters footsteps by registering as a dual enrollment student for the '15-'16 school year.  He's making major decisions in his education, which we're in full support of.  Sure, we had a choice to tell him he's too young...why don't you wait to do all this...can't you be 10 again?  But the truth of the matter is, it's all a part of his growth and our job is to step out of his way.  Typing that to remind myself ;)

Add these blessings to the upcoming college visits my daughter will be doing (with son along for brotherly approval)...and I really just don't have time to be sick.  Don't have time to walk around with pool noodle legs.  Don't have time to see through a kaleidoscope.  No time for Lhermitte's Sign, ms hugs, or prickly nerve pain across my face.

Definitely no time for that :-)

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