Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Being Someone Else...for 5 Minutes

Today, for about 5 minutes, I was "Jill".

Allow me to explain:

Jill is my friend. Jill is also my coworker, who happens to be away on a school field trip. She is perhaps one of the last remaining working women who still receives a live paycheck, rather than having it directly deposited. And I got to thinking, doesn't she kinda like...need that? A brief chat confirmed my ramblings. Indeed, Jill would most certainly appreciate her paycheck in her bank account. Seeing as how I am the processor of paychecks, live or otherwise, I offered to make the deposit. We bank at the same place. There's a Dunkin' Donuts nearby. You see where this is going.

I approached the teller and presented Jill's deposit slip and paycheck, on which I scratched a sketchy 'for deposit only'. My mind was totally focused on what type of coolatta I would order when the teller took the items, smiled warmly, looked them over and said:

"I'll be right back, Jill :-)"

:::I've banked here 4yrs and she doesn't know I'm Tina? That's what I get for only banking via drive-thru::

My surprise and near offense shook me from my thoughts of 'vanilla bean or regular?', but quickly traded hands with my lofty imagination.  This hole-filled mind took flight. It said:

"Shhhh, self. Go with it for a moment...we're Jill! We drive a minivan! We drink diet Pepsi! We're NOT 40! We can even walk in heels! HEELS, I SAY!"

...and then it said:

"Hey. We're...healthy."

Healthy? Oh, mind. Stop it.

Honestly, I don't know that I remember what 'that' feels like. I mean, seriously...what's it like to see clearly and with perfect color? Yet, as I stood at the teller's crafty cut-out window, staring around at the bland carpet and furnishings...I didn't notice my 'eye flies'! Probably because the carpet has a pattern that resembles eye flies. It's an ms'ers dream. Or nightmare. Anyway.

My mind was having a wonderful time imagining what it would be like to be...non-Tina. I could eat my lunch without those annoying electric shock sensations in my left cheek. That vibration on the top of my head? Wouldn't. I could breathe deeply without chest wall pain. That would be really, really.....really...........nice :-)

Alas, reality struck when the teller returned to thank me and provide me a receipt for my transaction. Or Jill's. She wished Jill a great day. And out I went...

Back to being Tina. Back to the random twitching, the kaleidoscope of eye flies, the chest discomfort, the buzzing scalp, and the chicken salad for lunch that may or may not feel a lot like chewing on tin foil.

Was I disappointed? Not at all. 'Cause I'd soon have a Dunkin' delicacy in the cupholder of that snazzy, slightly dented, heavily scuffed suv of mine. And that's a beautiful thing :-)

Also beautiful? Direct deposit.

Way more beautiful? That all of this is just temporary.

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