Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taking MS to The Voting Booth

Election Day!  What a beautiful privilege 'the right to vote' is.

Tonight, I decided to take my son along with me to experience it in all its glory. You see, most kids his age would give anything to meet their favorite athlete or musician. My son? Wants to meet our local District Attorney, our State Representative, and folks in Washington. He's all government - all the time. He was beyond thrilled as he excitedly perched himself in the passenger's seat and stared ahead in wonder as we turned the corner and saw...this:

Initially, I joked that it appeared as if we were in a parade, but I was wrong. Parades MOVE. This? Did not. My bladder called. I didn't answer...

About half an hour later, my son and I traded 'sitting in the car' for 'standing out in the cold parking lot'. Emphasis on 'cold' and 'standing' as in 'standing completely still'. MS decided to show up to the party.


Summer is not nearly as difficult for me as winter (or super cold autumn). When I get cold - cold enough to shiver - I begin to vibrate. If I dare to look down at the feet I eventually cannot feel, I get that uncomfortable cascade of electrical short circuitry through my legs and ankles. So there I was...standing in the cold parking lot, vibrating-but-not-feeling, praying to God that I would not trip or fall in the cattle chute-esque line, again ignoring the call from my bladder, asking God to help me *not* pee in line ('cause I keep it classy!) when, all of the sudden...

My son took my hand and said, "wow...you're freezin', Mom! Let me have your hands. I'm warm."

Ever since he was little, he just knew. And, though he's now a teenager...he still knows.

Pressing the buttons was fun when my finger decided to twitch each time I extended it. Thankfully, the buttons were far apart and I simply bent my finger and pressed the selections with my knuckle.

I'm home and comfortably nestled under blankets. I'm still vibrating, still keeping my head nice and level so as not to incur unwanted electricity, and still regaining feeling in my feet...but I cast my vote with my son at my side.

Add this night to the list of things that MS can't take away.

- my God
- my faith
- the love of my family
- experiencing the genuine care in my son's face as he warmed my hands

...rock it out:


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