Saturday, February 25, 2012

Teaching My Son 'The Ways'

I decided my son was ready to learn The Ways.

We all know that grocery shopping is not something to be taken lightly. Perhaps especially so when you're like 'us'.  If you don't develop Ways, you don't win the battle of Store vs MS.

The Ways consist of:  Gathering a full week's worth of groceries in the little cart, recalling where the car is, not allowing any items to escape on the way out of the store via circular bumpy ramp from hell (yes, straight from hell), learning how to achieve maximum gas point benefits, and...last but not least...observing his surroundings in appreciation.  

How'd he do?  I believe the pictures will best tell the story.

Week's Groceries via Little Cart?  CHECK ;-)

Finding of The Car?  CHECK!

Circular Bumpy Ramp of Hell?  Got stuck, but persevered!

...what others are paying per gallon

...what I'M paying per gallon ;-)
Gas Points? Maximized.

me:  "look at that beautiful sky...isn't the Lord good?"
him:  "yes He is!  Hey, I just saw a Smart Car!!!"

:::Bonus on the Smart Car:::

I had but one thing to say, and that thing was, "you learn quickly, Grasshopper..."

Dear Future Daughter-in-Law:
You're welcome.
With Love,


Muffie said...

Tina, aren't you the fortunate one to have such a great helper!! How old is he? He even seems to be enjoying the project. Yes, his future wife will be blessed!

Tina said...

Hi Muff!

He's 12. I'll tell you, he has always been my biggest helper. He will be a wonderful provider and, most importantly, man after God's heart:-) I am so blessed by my kids! They're amazing!

God bless you and yours!