Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 16 = Good:-)

So it's Day 16 of the eye flare and I'm feeling pretty well! So well that I actually forgot about that part of my "wake-up physical inventory"!

I can now move my eyes nearly all the way to the left without dizziness. This means I won't have to concentrate on turning my entire body while driving, so as to avoid moving my eyes when looking "left, right, left". It went something like..."pivot, right, pivot".

Looking back at the flare to find the highlight, I'd say it was the day I had "morning bus duty". This is a time where I must be at school earlier than usual, 8am sharp, in order to walk out in the parking lot among the many school buses. The drivers then open their doors and the children rush toward the school. It's similar in theme to like, if you were responsible to walk out in front of the starting gate at the Kentucky Derby? Imagine standing about 20 yards in front of the gates. The only thing holding the horses back from trampling you is the mechanically controlled gates? Except the only thing holding the children back are 1/4" thick accordian bus doors.

So I was cutting it close, because I had to drive so slowly. My son, anxiously looking out the window, said to me, "Mommy, are your eyes better today?" Me: "a little bit, honey" (lying is permitted during flare) Son: "why do you have to get up extra early to do bus duty when you don't feel well?" Me: "Because it's part of my job, honey...just hang in there, we'll be there soon". But his question gave me permission to play the, "if I had VISIBLE symptoms..." game. I then noticed a man on a lawn tractor, backing down a driveway? Bizarre. I thought it couldn't be, had to be the eyes playing tricks. So I kept on slowly keepin' on when all the sudden, it looked as if 3 versions of said lawn tractor were fast approaching my center field of vision, from the left, as I was focusing on the street ahead. This eye flare gives you a Matrix-like effect. But WHOA! BRAKES! This idiot backed out into the street, directly in front of me! As I was sitting there, post brake slam on, catching my breath, man on tractor sitting about 2' in front of the "Chrysler" emblem of my hood, NOT so much as looking at me in acknowledgement...he slowly put the mower back in gear and proceeded forward, returning into his driveway. You gotta be kidding me.

I spent the rest of the drive to school wondering...

Who mows the driveway at 7:45am?
Who doesn't have a sense that they drove into the middle of the street?
Who doesn't realize that, when they drove into the middle of the street, a car is RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM??? Did he have NO peripheral vision for God's sake?

And then I recalled the day I was flying high on Neurontin and decided it a good idea to mow, plunging straight into my own car door. Eh, nevermind my negative judgements, Lawn Mower Man. ROCK ON!

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